Operational Management

Highest level of management in an organisation responsible for
planning, leading and controlling a business

Service Overview

Why Operational Management ?

Operational Management is essential in an organisation and the highest level of management responsible for planning, leading, and controlling a business. Executive Managers are responsable for overseeing the operations and activities of a department.
Senior managers usually report to a chairman and board of directors. Alternatively, they may report a lower level to the Chief Executive Officer or the president of an organisation.

Key Benefits Of This Service

We assist organizations across Energy, Renewables, Oil & Gas, Chemical , Military and Manufacturing sectors.
With more than 35+ years of operational management experience, we can help develop and improve your day-to-day operational management and customer portfolio framework, following best practices allowing you to prioritize and execute strategic goals that will deliver tangible, sustainable benefits for your organization.

We can assist you with high level skilled executive managers/experts in the following areas :

  • Corporate Strategy and Business Plan Development,
  • Product Definition and Development,
  • Sales Implementation (Models Inside- and Outside-Sales),
  • Marketing (Research, Branding, Communications, PR),
  • Business Development (Partnerships, Channel Sales, OEM),
  • Operations and Accounting (Including Audit),
  • Human Resources Policies and Implementation,
  • Legal Counsel and Contract Negotiation.